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Godly Thoughts offers free daily Bible verses you can add to your website and style to look just like your website. Bible verses are updated every day automatically, so you always have fresh content without the headache of constant updates.

You can also sign up for daily Bible verses to be delivered to your cell phone via text message (SMS text message). The daily text messages are free (carrier charges may apply).

The new Godly Thoughts Church Edition is a progressive new tool that allows churches to update the verses that are displayed on their website or SMS text messages through an easy-to-use administration tool. You can add Bible verses that tie in and reinforce your weekend teaching/preaching schedule. And your congregation can subscribe to the daily verses by SMS text message and add the customized Godly Thoughts Widget to their websites, blogs, MySpace or Facebook pages.

Godly Thoughts is a free service that provides daily bits of encouragement to help Christians stay focused on the promises of God. There are several ways you can get Godly Thoughts each day...

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